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  • When I compile Webtrends with bitcode enabled I get an error /Libraries/Webtrends/Webtrends.framework/Webtrends(WTReachability.o)' does not contain bitcode. Y...  Does the newest version of Webtrends supports bitcode? If so, is there a migration guide to the newest version?
  • We are testing WT mobile SDK for iOS and Android. Encounter internal 500 error when trying to pos... Please advise what could be the reason.
  • My company' s testing Dcsid code had no longer available ,so how can I creat a Dcsid in analytics...
  • My request had sent ,but respond code is 500, and it show 500 internal Server Error,and can't res...
  • first,I'm a Android developer.before,use 1.0+ version webtrends sdk(as a jar), it's config " wt_dc_url" target to "", but now I will upgrade webtrends version,I view officinal demo's config "wt_dc_url" target to ...1.which address is correct or both correct?2.on 3.0+ version, I know "wt_dc_dcsid" is so important used to identify different app,and whethe... expect your answer,Thanks.Agera. 
  • Hello,I have itegrated iOS Webtrends SDK version 3.2.4.(manual way, not using COCOA POD as suggested by...". I have includedwebtrends.plist also in my project. The app is getting compiled and its running but when ever it's trying to log...triggerEventForViewDidAppear or button action events, APP is GETTING CRASHED with error -[__NSDate wt_timestampString]: unrecognized selector  Any suggestions will be appriciated.Thanks.
  • Hello,  I have just downloaded the webtrends android sdk (Android SDK 3.2.8). But unfortunately I am not ... Error:Error converting bytecode to dex:Cause: Dex cannot parse version 52 byte code.This is caused by library dependencies that have been compiled using Java 8 or above.If you are using the 'java' gradle plugin in a library submodule add targetCompatibility = '1.7'sourceCompatibility = '1.7'to that submodule's build.gradle file. I am running the project with Android Studio 2.2.3 which needs a JDK 8 to run. In my project I us... Any suggestion ? Regards. Joris