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  •  Please suggestNote: I am a newbie and dont understand hardcore programming or scripting
  • I installed a fresh wordpress on my server root directory. I can access the wp-admin section but ...There are no errorsThe HTML source of the page has nothing (not even a single word or a tag) Server : windows IIS.Database : MySQLI hosted my wordpress site athttp://Hostforlife.eu When I install using the wordpress installation tool provided by the server it works fine but I c... I have already tried following:1. Install a fresh copy of wordpress again (tried several times)2. Installed an old version of wordpress3. Renamed the pluggins page to something that wordpress cannot find4. Changed the theme to Default to Classic and vise versa None of the above mentioned worked for me!Please help me on this!
  • Hello, Do we have a regular way to tag the user's action "download a file" on a website?I mean, when a user download a file in our website, we want to get the action recorded into a spe...Do we need to add something in the URL download link or is it a javascript action on the page? Thanks in advance for your help, Jonathan
  • We have a lot of new sites made as a SPA (Single Page Applications), with AngularJS. When we trac...
  • What are v10.2 pluginsWebtrends new JavaScript tag is a major innovation in analytics tagging.  We've made it easy to a...We want to create a community effort to create and enhace our plugins partly because the market i...Plugins can utilize any of our new features available in our tag:Transformshttp://product.webtrends.com/dc/jstag/tracking_transforms.htmlSelectorshttp://product.webtrends.com/dc/jstag/tracking_selectors.htmlAdvanced Multitrack eventshttp://product.webtrends.com/dc/jstag/tracking_mulitrack_advanced.htmlCustom datahttp://product.webtrends.com/dc/jstag/tracking_multitrack_args.html The plugins can cause the Webtrends event to wait for attributes to become available, they can d... Webtrends "official" pluginsWebtrends has created several plugins that we will carefully maintain all revisions for includingFacebook: likes and social widget tracking, Facebook app parameter passing, Facebook page analyti...Webtrends Ads: customers using Webtrends Ads will have a simple plugin.Webtrends Heatmaps: customers that wish to you the Webtrends Heatmaps will have a simple plugin.Webtrends plugins that are dev community supportedWebtrends is always innovating and we'd like to share some of our expertise in tracking interesti...Cross-channel visit/visitor matching: matches sessions and IDs from one channel to another includ...Twitter: twitter on-page widgets automatic tracking of article tweets, follows, and moreYoutube: embedded youtube video trackingGoogle+: tracks +1 clicksHTML Apps: adds parameters and simple functions to call from an HTML app that will allow you to c...Where can I get these plugins?This section will be updated soon with links to all the plugins
  • Webtrends HeatmapsWebtrends is adding some truly amazing heatmap overlay built-in to your Analytics 10 spaces.  Mor...Social analytics features built-inWebtrends is the leader in social analytics: in addition to our Analytics 10 spaces for Facebook ... Plugins for easy extensibilityThe new built-in social analytics has been made possible through a  powerful plugin architecture ... Selector-based Event trackingA very exciting new feature is that using the JQuery type selector based capabilities of the new ..."Transform" events and page load tap pointsAs part of the JS design, there is now the ability to add parameters to the Webtrends data collec...Performance GeneralThis isn't the first release of Webtrends asynchronous JavaScript tagging, we've been using it si...Compact and Minimizes to a very small footprintThe tag is much smaller.  It minimizes to a very compact size, only a fraction of the 9.x JS tag....This means that bandwidth limited devices can download the tag with very little data transfer.Asynchronous explainedTraditional JS files are launched from inline "blocking" html which means that as the html page l...Non-blocking, can load anywhere on pagePotentially higher execution rateIn combination with compact size, can make bandwidth limited devices execute with higher accuracy...
  • Upgrading QuestionsUpgrading your tags should be a very easy process.Generate a new tagFirst, generate a new tag from either your Analytics 10 space (click settings > edit in your spac...More on generating the tag in this post here.Simpler html tagging processBecause the tag itself is asynchronous, you won't need a separate header include statement in add...Please read the http://help.webtrends.com/en/jstag/index.htmldocumentation on how to use the new tag.In addition, I've answered a few questions below...Are parameters still the same?Of course.  You won't have any need to update reports or other product configuration for out-of-t... Multitrack DetailsMultitrack will continue to work as it used to for the most part.  In fact it will work better.More details on the great new multitrack features can be found in a separate post.Generally the biggest change to multitrack is for customers using the "track all links" or dcsAll...For customers that legitimately want the dcsAll, we're creating a simple plugin for the 10.2 that... What about reading the Webtrends meta parameters?These will work as normal too.  Many customers use these meta parameters as an easy way to track ...These all use Webtrends meta names that start with WT, DCSext or DCS and are automatically found ...The only difference in the way10.2 handles the meta values is for adding additional custom meta t...http://help.webtrends.com/en/jstag/config_metanames.htmlWhat about my customizations?Most customizations by far were multitrack related (custom events), meta tagging (products and cu...But some customers have obviously created clever and sophisticated customizations on their own. N...Minimized TagAs noted, the tag comes in both minimized and unminized versions.  The unminimized tag is general...
  • To illustrate DC API usage, we have can provide sample client code written in a variety of progra...Please contact Webtrends Technical Support to request the sample code files. Here is a link to ou...http://webtrends.com/support/contact-support/