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  • I am using webtrends services from an iOS app. I would like to know how to invoke an event so tha...
  • I have a user whose account has been deleted.  Is it possible to reinstate that user?
  • how do i access web trend metadata to extract  data from Analytics 9/10 reports tables through do i get metadata databases name,table and the column name to extract web trend data to hadoo...
  • We purchased webtrends Analytices package 1B addon license through UDBAC in November 2015, for,I need some help from  the manufactor,thanks.   
  • How do I extract/pull analytics reports via FTP for Analytic 10 similar to Analytic 9 ?
  • Hi, I have one basic question on the web trends reports. We get a report which contaisn "Hourly Server Activity" chart in the report. But we are not sure ...regardsRaghavan  
  • It's possible to use a single Geo Query parameter in a custom drilldown dimension?(example City or Country)I don't found them in drop down menu for custom drilldown but only for a single dimension.
  • I know use Path Analysis to track pages visited before and/or after a specified page or content g...But I'd like to segment more a path analysis from a specific page for example with Traffic Source...If I select "Track Based On -> Content Groups " and I create a custom content group"Pages -> /it_IT/*"  and "URL Parameters -> WT.srch=1"It might work?