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  • When trying to export from the spaces dashboard, I only get the totals per metric. Is there a way...
  • Hey everybody, the topic I need help for might be a bit unusual.I have an existing installation of Webtrends Analytics 9.2d and I'm working on an automated deplo... Question 1:Is there any way to find out more about the parameters typed into the attended installation proce... Question 2:In the Installation summary I have this information available:INSTALLED COMPONENTS:  System Database  Standard Analysis Engine  Express Analysis Engine  SchedulerIs there a way to find out, which msi packages have been called exactly and in which order? I fou... which gives me at least a hint, what packages could be included, but at the moment I'm not sure... Will be thankful for every hints in whatever direction!Thanks
  • I'm having a very difficult time understanding some of these reports. They just don't seem to mak... For example, when I pull the Key Metrics report for the entire 2017 year and look to the columns ... Next, for one row that is listed as a single day, 1/9/2017 the same number is listed in the month...
  • Hello, from a webtrends account I currently have profiles for a web of a domain and now I have a ...
  • I'm trying to see and download reports but the page goes blank when I click on the report to see.
  • I want to know what app (specifically) is it because in the report I can only see: app:/
  • Hello,  I want to know what is the latest version of "Report Exporter" ?And also the PATCHES associated with it for the older and new versions along with the Dates. RegardsYogesh
  • Hi, i'm in "Visitors: new + returning" and i can't understand how Webtrends calculate "Avg Visit Dura... Thanks in advanceMatteo 
  • In traffic sources I find a dimension called "pm". What does it mean?Other Dimensions are readable, like Organic Search or Referring Sites.Or is it something custom?Regards,Oliver
  • My page url ends like this when in site search is used /search/search_results.php?lang=de&scenario=1&q=search+phrase+test&x=0&y=0 I know we have to add WT.OSS in the code. But is that sufficient to get that data? Note: This is one of the most searched query for webtrends 10 Couldnt find anything in KB, SO please dont reply with KB links.