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  • I would like to show a demo to my client on how WebTrends for SharePoint works.Could anyone let me know, How I can get a trail version?
  • Hi all,we need to know where our customers are exactly located to create a marketing campaign. We saw in the help that "the paramenter WT.gc specifies the latitude and longitude of a mobile de...
  • Am I correct that visitory history parameters, like most recent campaign ID ( WT.vr.rac) are not ...If so, is there any plan to include visitor history features in the future?
  • Hi all! I am having a problem getting useful data out of Explore because it does not seem to have...
  • Have you read about Webtrends Explore, which was announced last week at the EMEA Exchange event?Here are links to the only information I can find so far:"http://blogs.webtrends.com/2013/11/engage-2013-preview-of-webtrends-explore-and-webtrends-lifetime-streams/"http://blogs.webtrends.com/2013/11/en..."http://webtrends.com/about/press-room/press-releases/webtrends-unveils-big-data-capabilities-at-engage-2013"http://webtrends.com/about/press-room...From what I can tell, it involves unlimited drilldowns, in any order you want, for the following:- Ads - I would guess this is campaigns rather than on-site ads. I'm hoping entry page is in here...- Content – Specifically: page title, onsite search, group (hard-coded content group), subgroup, ...- Commerce - Specifically: # units, unit price, stage, step#, step name, sku- Device - Could be device type, or device names- Geo – Specifically: region, country, city- Search – Specifically: phrase, engine- Time – Specifically: day of week, hours of day, day of month- Traffic source - This could be source type (search vs banners etc) or specific referrers- Visitor - Could be visitor characteristics, or unaggregated visitor IDs. I'm personally hoping ...There may be more to it but this is all I've been able to glean. Oh, and it looks like it's cloud...Potentially pretty cool. I haven't checked the above list against what's available in GA on-the-f...Any comments? Do you know anything else about it?