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  • Hi guys, How can I see the Scenario on the UI of my Infinity platform? Currently, I can see Campaigns, Content, My Reports, People, Technology & Traffic.I want to begin tracking a scenarios on my website. I have a profile of report viewer. Would I have to enable it through some settings or just passin... Thank You  
  • I was able to enable youtube video (embedded in iframe) tracking after addition of the yt plugin.... I want to generate a report that captures Video id, Video name and percentage played and total vi... Video Name and Video Id as dimensions ??Percentage played  (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as different measures ??Total Video Views as another new meaures ?? a) Please let me know if the approach is correct.b) How to link the WT.clip_xxx parameters to create such measures or dimensions, since we cannot ...(i.e Infinity -> Account Settings -> Parameters -> Searching parameters WT.clip_n, WT.clip_id sho... Thank You
  • I am trying to use the REST API in Excel as a Data source. When I first try to refresh the data I... Any suggestions? Scott
  • I thoughthttp://duckduckgo.comwas added, but most of DuckDuckGo's Traffic is classified as Referring Sites Traffic in Webtrends... Thanks and best,Martina
  • We have a new site made as a SPA (Single Page Application) with AngularJS. This page has a form w... Is inline multi-track the best option to capture those values?
  • I am new to Web Trends and my client is looking to implement WebTrends Analytics on their digital... Thanks,Archit
  • how do iintegrate webtrends with sharepoint online
  • I don't get the point, sorry. What's the difference? Is there a common example that shows the dif...
  • It seems that there is a limit of 1000 records for a 1-dimension report to show and export in Inf...