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  • We are currently building a security product which reflects the compliance standards of your comp...As part of our effort to represent your company in the most efficient and reliable way, we look t...unfortunately, some compliances and general procedures which we consider important could not be f...For us to be able to provide our clients with an accurate description of your service, it would b...Is it posible to sync data automaticly between platformsDo you take steps to protect against CSRFDo you perform penetration testIs it possible to block users by ip and or devicesThank you,Oren OrSecurity Researcher, Proofpoint
  • Hi all,I'm Michele Pisani, founder of, a few months ago I created an add-on for access Webtrends data in Google Spreadsheets ( Currently I've created aWebtrends connector for Google Data Studiobut for its release (to verify its operation by Google) is required a test configuration and cred... Is there a demo account (username, password, account id, report id) to the platform with some tes...https: // api. webtrends. io/v1/account/ACCOUNTID/dataexport/REPORTID/...?Or someone can give me temporary access (username, password, account id, report id) to a report (...Thank you in advance for the support.Best regards,Michele Pisani
  • I'm looking into web traffic from South Korea and there isn't any coming from Naver. Is this brow...
  • Hi,I try to compare measures/values by day to the previous month.As there is no dynamic date range like in the WT10 API to query, I fetch "dateRange=previousmonth...But I don't understand the amount of apperance in the result set.If I sum all Sessions for a date period (like example code: SUM("Session", BETWEEN(2017-09-01, 20...There are many (thousands up to hundred thousand) Date entries in the result, but I can't get the...Can anyone help me getting the right values for a specific period?Thank you. Regards,Oliver
  • I'm trying to get dynamic reports for different time intervals from the Infinity API to a dashboa...The "old" API ( is able to handle not-fixed dates:"Several time period macros are available: CURRENT_HOUR, CURRENT_DAY, CURRENT_DAY_MIDNIGHT, CURRE...For example, to get data for last month, specify start_period=current_month-1."I connected this API to a dashboard tool and it works fine.The Infinity Api ( seems not to be able to handle those macros.I only find "begin=2017/08/01/00&end=latest", which is not dynamic enough.Is there a way to request relative dates in Infinity?
  • Hey!I exported data from a report to Excel using HTML API REST and included the totals in the report.... How is that possible and is there a way to fix this? Thanks for the help!Kai 
  • We are using Infinity to test WT mobile SDK for APP tracking. Just would like to know after APP b... I am located in China.
  • Hi guys, How can I see the Scenario on the UI of my Infinity platform? Currently, I can see Campaigns, Content, My Reports, People, Technology & Traffic.I want to begin tracking a scenarios on my website. I have a profile of report viewer. Would I have to enable it through some settings or just passin... Thank You  
  • I was able to enable youtube video (embedded in iframe) tracking after addition of the yt plugin.... I want to generate a report that captures Video id, Video name and percentage played and total vi... Video Name and Video Id as dimensions ??Percentage played  (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as different measures ??Total Video Views as another new meaures ?? a) Please let me know if the approach is correct.b) How to link the WT.clip_xxx parameters to create such measures or dimensions, since we cannot ...(i.e Infinity -> Account Settings -> Parameters -> Searching parameters WT.clip_n, WT.clip_id sho... Thank You
  • I am trying to use the REST API in Excel as a Data source. When I first try to refresh the data I... Any suggestions? Scott