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  • Is there a WebTrends gloosary stored anywhere to help with description of reports?
  • Where do people enter the search phrases? On site or off site?
  • Hi All,    I would like to create MVT and A/B test for pages which require user authentication. How can I do...   Thank you for your answer in advance.    Daniel
  • Hi all, we need to know where our customers are exactly located to create a marketing campaign.   We saw in the help that "the paramenter WT.gc specifies the latitude and longitude of a mobile de...
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  • We are trying to create a profile that contains data on specific URLs that appear in other data s...   Are we doing something wrong? Should we be using Visit Filters instead?   Please advise.  :)   Thank you.
  • Hello,   Do we have a regular way to tag the user's action "download a file" on a website? I mean, when a user download a file in our website, we want to get the action recorded into a spe... Do we need to add something in the URL download link or is it a javascript action on the page?   Thanks in advance for your help,   Jonathan
  • Hi,    I added WT to my app, when I open the app from the local notification I'm experincing a crash. Wh...   Any suggestions?   Thakns,