• I'm trying to get dynamic reports for different time intervals from the Infinity API to a dashboard tool.

    The "old" API (http://ws.webtrends.com) is able to handle not-fixed dates:


    "Several time period macros are available: CURRENT_HOUR, CURRENT_DAY, CURRENT_DAY_MIDNIGHT, CURRENT_MONTH and CURRENT_YEAR. Instead of a specific start and end date, you can identify relative time periods.

    For example, to get data for last month, specify start_period=current_month-1."

    I connected this API to a dashboard tool and it works fine.

    The Infinity Api (http://api.webtrends.io) seems not to be able to handle those macros.

    I only find "begin=2017/08/01/00&end=latest", which is not dynamic enough.

    Is there a way to request relative dates in Infinity?

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    • Oliver Groth
    • Posted Aug 11, '17 at 3:42 PM
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  • Hello Oliver,

    The Infinity API does not currently have functionality to support period types like the old API for A9/A10 does. I've been told that they're looking at building it out, but I do not have an ETA of when (or if) it will be available.

    Thank you,

    Tim Zuidema
    Lead Technical Support Engineer