• We have SharePoint 2013 with Analytics On Premises 9. The issue is the following. The same user can access SP sites from the office network, from home via VPN and so on. I'd like to get reports on how many unique users have visited site today, taking into consideration only their AD account.

    For example, user Joe Gage has accessed our SP portal several times from different locations and using different devices, using NTLM authentication both times. I'd like to have only one record for Joe in the report.

    What I've done so far:

    - Added <META NAME=&quot;DCS.dcsaut&quot; CONTENT=&quot;userName&quot;> to the page

    - Added JS script to the page to get user name using SharePoint Client Side Object Model

    Should be anything added to SmartSource Data Collector Tag (js file) to process that data?

    Should be anything done on SP servers?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    • Tim Zuidema
    • Posted Aug 01, '17 at 11:04 PM
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  • Mykhailo,

    The Webtrends tag will automatically pick up and pass values from meta tags with a prefix of DCS. So if the value is populated, it will be passed. It can be accessed by creating a Dimension based on Authenticated Username. That being said, SharePoint integration for OnPremises installations is referred to our Services team. If you need assistance with getting the value to populate, or would like to tag specifically for SharePoint, your Account Manager would be the next step.

    If you have further questions for Technical Support, you can reference case number 00720058.

    Thank you
    Tim Zuidema
    Lead Support Engineer