• Hey!

    I exported data from a report to Excel using HTML API REST and included the totals in the report. In the exported data, the totals shown are identical to what I see in the Infinity Report. Nevertheless, if I calculate a SUM in Excel over all entries in the column I end up with a higher count than in the exported total or in the Infinity data.


    How is that possible and is there a way to fix this?


    Thanks for the help!



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  • Hi Kai,

    I observed something similar. In the New-Returning users report on Infinity, the Total count of Users was less than the Sum of 'Returning Users' & 'Users not accepting cookies'

    The reply from Webtrends for this discrepancy was :
    'There is built-in logic within that measure to de-duplicate Users which is why the total is lower'

    Not sure if you are facing a similar discrepancy with the measure 'Users'.

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