• I have custom report with below settings:


    Name:  Referring Page and Offsite Link Clicked

    Locked:  No

    Type:  Standard Custom Report

    Category:  Default

    Report Title:  Referring Page and Offsite Link Clicked

    Description:  Source Page and offsite link clicked

    Internal ID: 

    Dimension 1:  Referring Page (per hit)

    Dimension 2:  Offsite Link Clicked

    Measure 1:  Visits - sortable, interval data available

    Measure 2:  Hits - sortable, interval data available

    Filters:  None

    Accumulation Type:  On Event

    Visitor History Dependency:  No Dependencies

    Express Analysis Compatibility:  No Compatibility

    This custom report uses 2 dimensions.

    Dimension (Referring Page (per hit)) is not Express Analysis compliant.


    This custom report stopped showing clicks to offsite from March. It was working fine till Feb 2017.

    Please let me know what could be the reason for this issue.

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  • Sunil,

    The most likely cause is one of the following:

    1)  Something has changed in the report on how it tracks the data
    2)  Something has changed in data that's being sent, which means either the data is no longer being sent or it's changed in a way that the custom report no longer recognizes it.

    If you would like to pursue further, please contact us directly through one of the following methods listed here:


    Reference case number 00717784 when reaching out direct, and we can continue working if needed.  We would need to be able to look at the environment and most likely the logs to determine where the cause lies.

    Thank you
    P.J. Bocek
    Lead Support Engineer