• I was able to enable youtube video (embedded in iframe) tracking after addition of the yt plugin. The parameretrs (WT.clip_xxx) are recording the values. But how do I see these stats on a report on the Infinity platform.


    I want to generate a report that captures Video id, Video name and percentage played and total video views (say count of play events). I believe that this would require creation of new dimensions and measures. i.e


    Video Name and Video Id as dimensions ??

    Percentage played  (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as different measures ??

    Total Video Views as another new meaures ??


    a) Please let me know if the approach is correct.

    b) How to link the WT.clip_xxx parameters to create such measures or dimensions, since we cannot see such parameters on the infinity platform

    (i.e Infinity -> Account Settings -> Parameters -> Searching parameters WT.clip_n, WT.clip_id shows no result)


    Thank You

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  • Kirti,

    In order for you to make dimensions and measures off of these parameters, they must first be discovered.  The above is possible, once this takes place but as you've stated they're not present in your parameter list.  Information on the below page will provide information on how discovery works, and when parameters need to be passed in order for them to be made available for use:


    Basically, parameters need to be sent on Wednesday to be discovered on Sunday.  As tomorrow is Wednesday, make sure you're passing the parameters and the following Monday they'll be available for use.  Then you may make dimension and measures based off of the above.

    P.J. Bocek
    Lead Support Engineer
  • Thank you for the reply.

    Somehow the new parameters did not show up after last Sunday, even though the collection from video views (event type values 41 began on 2017-04-06t21:07:12.000z (Wednesday and within the 24 hour GMT period).

    Hope it begins to show in the Parameter UI after this Sunday.

    I am curious to know what type  of measures and dimensions are possible for video views.
    As per my understanding, I can create a report that contains

    a) Video Name and Video Id as dimensions (based on WT.clip_n and WT.clip_t)
    b) Counts of percentage played  (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as different measures (based on
         count of WT.clip_perc =25, count of WT.clip_perc =50 and so on)
    c) Total Video Views as a measure (based on count of events WT.clip_ev = Play)

    Let me know if any of the measures/dimensions above is not possible or if it is based on wrong set of conditions/parameters.

    Thank You