• J. R
    • Posted 3 months ago
  • I'm using Analytics 9 On Premises.


    In the Visitors Dashboard, under Visitor Summary, there is a Visitors field. In the Webtrends terminology reference, there are definitons for Visitor and Unique Visitor. I don't see Unique Visitor metric listed in any dashboard or report. My question is simple: What is the defintiion of the Visitor field in the Visitors Dashboard? Is it the Unique Visitors metric itself or does it represent something else?


    Also important to note is the profile/website employs IIS web log files for Webtrends tracking. There are no cookies or JavaScript. Webtrends has some built-in feature to import standard IIS web log files, and that is how I upload data for tracking in Webtrends Analytics. Because there are no Javascript parameters or cookies, the fallback method for Webtrends to track visitors is the combination of client IP address and the browser's user agent string.


    In other analytical systems, they have a Users metric. Users are Unique Visitors. But perhaps Users is one system is not the same as Visitors in Webtrends Analytics?


    Thank you for your time and feedback.

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  • Hello J.R.,

    The visitor measure under the Visitor Summary is based on a count of the number of users as defined by the session tracking method defined for the profile. In the OnPremises product, Visitors can only be de-duplicated across standard reporting periods (week, month, quarter, year). If you select a custom date range, the total would be the sum of the  reporting periods needed to create the custom date range. Since you're using IIS logs, the visitor count is not going to be as specific as one generated from Smartsource Data Collector logs as the only way we can identify the user is with IP/User Agent.

    Tim Zuidema
    Lead Technical Support Engineer