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    • Posted 2 months ago (Edited 2 months ago)
  • We are currently building a security product which reflects the compliance standards of your company to our clients, this will have an impact on our client's visibility and exposure of your product.

    As part of our effort to represent your company in the most efficient and reliable way, we look through your company's website and list the compliances and general security related procedures you state that you are using.

    unfortunately, some compliances and general procedures which we consider important could not be found on your website, therefore we would list them as unknown

    For us to be able to provide our clients with an accurate description of your service, it would be much appreciated if you could provide us with the following information

    1. Is it posible to sync data automaticly between platforms
    2. Do you take steps to protect against CSRF
    3. Do you perform penetration test
    4. Is it possible to block users by ip and or devices

    Thank you,

    Oren Or

    Security Researcher, Proofpoint

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