• Hi all,

    I'm Michele Pisani, founder of http://www.appsscript.it/, a few months ago I created an add-on for access Webtrends data in Google Spreadsheets (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/webtrends/mgcfnbghgacpknhbjipelipjbkileain?utm_source=permalink).


    Currently I've created a Webtrends connector for Google Data Studio but for its release (to verify its operation by Google) is required a test configuration and credentials (username, password, account id and report id) however I can't, of course, provide the credentials of my customers so I don't have demo information to provide.


    Is there a demo account (username, password, account id, report id) to the platform with some test data working to get them with API:

    https: // api. webtrends. io/v1/account/ACCOUNTID/dataexport/REPORTID/...?

    Or someone can give me temporary access (username, password, account id, report id) to a report (just return some rows with a dimension and a couple of metrics), to keep active only for a few days then it can be deleted as soon as the connector is approved?

    Thank you in advance for the support.

    Best regards,

    Michele Pisani

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