• Hi, we have a issue with the field X-Forwarder-For in IIS(7.x - 8.x) Log, we are extend our log format to include this field and we don't know how to became this field to C-IP for builtin reports and customs reports(Webtrends on Premise v9.2.2.465). Could you give us some help?


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    • P.J. Bocek
    • Posted May 02, '18 at 2:42 PM
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  • Hello,

    X-Forwarded-For, when used, can cause issues with a log file format produced by IIS.  IIS produces a W3C format, which is space delimited.  On occasion, X-Forwarded-For adds an extra field in the log file, essentially throwing the format of the log file off and causing either the program not to read the log file, or it will simply throw out those lines.  

    The X-Forwarded-For field, when it shows up, is not supported by the product and there is not a way to configure the application accept this when it occurs.  The recommendation is to turn off SNAT in order to get the real IP address in the log carried over.  

    P.J. Bocek
    Manager, Technical Support