• Hey everybody,


    the topic I need help for might be a bit unusual.

    I have an existing installation of Webtrends Analytics 9.2d and I'm working on an automated deployment solution for Ansible. As there is unfortunately no real documentation available at the company I work for, I somehow need to find out which steps I need to execute for an unattended installation to get the same result as the current running version.


    Question 1:

    Is there any way to find out more about the parameters typed into the attended installation process? In some config or log files maybe, which I haven't found yet?


    Question 2:

    In the Installation summary I have this information available:


      System Database

      Standard Analysis Engine

      Express Analysis Engine


    Is there a way to find out, which msi packages have been called exactly and in which order? I found this documentation of an unattended installation (https://help.webtrends.com/legacy/en/InstallGuide/unattended_installation_of_webtrends.html) which gives me at least a hint, what packages could be included, but at the moment I'm not sure if this will give me all the packages installed.


    Will be thankful for every hints in whatever direction!


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