• I'm having a very difficult time understanding some of these reports. They just don't seem to make much sense. I'm trying to understand how the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly visitors are calculated.


    For example, when I pull the Key Metrics report for the entire 2017 year and look to the columns for weekly, monthly and quarterly visitors; each day there is a different number listed. I would assume that if the column says Monthly Visitors, then each row from April 1 - April 30 would be the same number to display the total number of April Monthly Visitors. Same example for the quarter. Why wouldn't I see the same number (total) for the entire date range of Q1 versus seeing a different number each day of Q1?


    Next, for one row that is listed as a single day, 1/9/2017 the same number is listed in the monthly, quarterly and yearly visitor column. How would the Monthly Visitor be also the Quarterly Visitor? This makes no sense. 

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  • Each measure will display accurately only when the same report period is selected. For instance, if you choose the year of 2017, then the only valid measure would be the yearly visitors. If you choose a specific month, then the monthly visitors would be accurate. These do not work for custom date ranges.  

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