• I'm having a very difficult time understanding some of these reports. They just don't seem to make much sense. I'm trying to understand how the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly visitors are calculated.


    For example, when I pull the Key Metrics report for the entire 2017 year and look to the columns for weekly, monthly and quarterly visitors; each day there is a different number listed. I would assume that if the column says Monthly Visitors, then each row from April 1 - April 30 would be the same number to display the total number of April Monthly Visitors. Same example for the quarter. Why wouldn't I see the same number (total) for the entire date range of Q1 versus seeing a different number each day of Q1?


    Next, for one row that is listed as a single day, 1/9/2017 the same number is listed in the monthly, quarterly and yearly visitor column. How would the Monthly Visitor be also the Quarterly Visitor? This makes no sense. 

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  • Gradually increase the difficulty , with letters that are pronounced differently according to the vowel that comes behind. Example: "Ca", "ce", "ci", "co", "cu".
    We must continue with easy words, where some syllables are repeated. For example: "mom", "dad", "tata", "pepe", etc. Then they will learn other 2 syllables in which they combine different syllables and then continue with the 3 syllables. Rehearse with a string of letters .https://www.assignmentbox.co.uk/
    Reading and writing go hand in hand. At the same time they learn to pronounce, they can already do easy calligraphy exercises with what they have learned.
    We will encourage you to read first complete sentences, then paragraphs and finally pages and books. It does not matter that they read very slowly. The important thing is that they reach the end.
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    The  multimedia design  bets on the visual and interactivity and there are different ways to apply:

    Electronic publication: RRSS, videos, animations, ebooks, electronic journals, photography, etc.
    Information processing: digital kiosks.
    Interactive teaching: application of interactive digital tools to training.
    Because the education sector is constantly changing, its workers have to be in  constant training . Even in areas where digital media was not previously used to an appreciable extent, more and more are being used.

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    ICT responsible in schools
    Professor of New Technologies
    Digital master
    Expert in Performance Evaluation and Competency Management.
    ELearning Specialist
    Computer and Web Designer
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  • One of the mysteries of the classes I give at EF English Live is who will be my student. As soon as I see how number two appears on the screen and I know that a student has arrived, I get excited. I smile with pleasure and say, "Welcome to class. Today I am your teacher. " I always hope that all my students take advantage of the online English class , but until they start to intervene, to keep up and contribute, you never know. I only have one voice and one name to start with and, sometimes, I do not even know if the name I use is the last name or even one invented. I can usually recognize the Brazilian, Saudi or Russian accent, but not always. We have so many students from different parts of the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America that I can not assume anything, that's why I feel relieved and delighted when we introduce ourselves and share certain information. I have noticed that most older students show themselves quite easily, because no subject bothers them. They have so much experience in life that they can talk about everything and nothing. They do not have any pressure either. They do not learn English for professional reasons so their main motivation to participate seems to be the simple pleasure of participating, learning and knowing another language. As a counterpoint, the younger students are equally relaxed and have an effervescent enthusiasm. The first time a student told me I was 16, I was impressed by their level of English and their courage to enter class, although in the last year I had really young students, 12, 10 and even 8 years old. I love his energy and his extroverted contributions, but sometimes I wonder how an older student feels, gathering all his courage to enter class, realizing that someone who is a quarter of his age is not afraid to speak in English. In contrast, very young students often do not know what words to use to express what they think in their own language and much less in others. Just by entering the EF English Live classes, the children increase their oral competence so much that I am sure that more and more young students will join EF English Live to learn English online with the rest of the regular students. But that's the wonderful thing about our course - it's an excellent way for everyone to practice English; From a curious child to a relaxed pensioner - everyone learns from others, no matter where they are from or how old they are. http://dreamassignmenthelp.co.uk/essay-writing-services.html