• I want to know what app (specifically) is it because in the report I can only see: app:/
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  • Adriana,

    This appears to be a custom report manually created by an Administrator within your organization.  If you have the ability to, you would need to navigate to "Web Analysis">"Report Configuration">"Custom Reports".  Find the report in question and edit it and view the dimensions within.  From there you could see what each of the dimensions are and in the "Custom Reports" section, view what each of the dimensions is doing.  You may also view the "Measures" within the custom report to see what each of those is doing as well (if they're not canned).  If you don't have the ability to do this, my recommendation would be to work with an administrator of the application to provide assistance into what the report is doing.

    P.J. Bocek
    Manager, Technical Support