• Hi,

    I try to compare measures/values by day to the previous month.

    As there is no dynamic date range like in the WT10 API to query, I fetch "dateRange=previousmonth" with the additional dimension "Date" to get some single day values.

    But I don't understand the amount of apperance in the result set.

    If I sum all Sessions for a date period (like example code: SUM("Session", BETWEEN(2017-09-01, 2017-09-04)) ) I never get the sum like in the Analytics backend.

    There are many (thousands up to hundred thousand) Date entries in the result, but I can't get the sense why they are set. Even if I use &limit with different numbers in the URL, the sum values never get close to the values in the Analytics backend.

    Can anyone help me getting the right values for a specific period?

    Thank you.




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    • Tim Zuidema
    • Posted Jul 03, '18 at 2:52 PM
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  • Oliver,

    This was filed as a feature request and has been passed over to the team at Oracle that now owns the Infinity software.

    Tim Zuidema
    Lead Technical Support Engineer