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  • I'm using Analytics 9 On Premises. In the Visitors Dashboard, under Visitor Summary, there is a Visitors field. In the Webtrends ter... Also important to note is the profile/website employs IIS web log files for Webtrends tracking. T... In other analytical systems, they have a Users metric. Users are Unique Visitors. But perhaps Use... Thank you for your time and feedback.
  • We are currently building a security product which reflects the compliance standards of your comp...As part of our effort to represent your company in the most efficient and reliable way, we look t...unfortunately, some compliances and general procedures which we consider important could not be f...For us to be able to provide our clients with an accurate description of your service, it would b...Is it posible to sync data automaticly between platformsDo you take steps to protect against CSRFDo you perform penetration testIs it possible to block users by ip and or devicesThank you,Oren OrSecurity Researcher, Proofpoint
  • Hi all,I'm Michele Pisani, founder of, a few months ago I created an add-on for access Webtrends data in Google Spreadsheets ( Currently I've created aWebtrends connector for Google Data Studiobut for its release (to verify its operation by Google) is required a test configuration and cred... Is there a demo account (username, password, account id, report id) to the platform with some tes...https: // api. webtrends. io/v1/account/ACCOUNTID/dataexport/REPORTID/...?Or someone can give me temporary access (username, password, account id, report id) to a report (...Thank you in advance for the support.Best regards,Michele Pisani
  • we have a data factory instance in azure that uses a custom activity written in c# and I want to ...
  • When trying to export from the spaces dashboard, I only get the totals per metric. Is there a way...
  • How to get the Trail license for the Sharepoint Analytics.
  • Hi, We are still using WebTrends Analytics 9 On Premises, We are noticing that there's no charts or g... Thanks, 
  • Hi, we have a issue with the field X-Forwarder-For in IIS(7.x - 8.x) Log, we are extend our log f... Best regards