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  • When I compile Webtrends with bitcode enabled I get an error /Libraries/Webtrends/Webtrends.framework/Webtrends(WTReachability.o)' does not contain bitcode. Y...  Does the newest version of Webtrends supports bitcode? If so, is there a migration guide to the newest version?
  • We have an old Webtrend version which we still use for our intranet. We are looking for expert support to help us develop the tool to its full potential.  Automtic ex...  
  • I'm trying to get dynamic reports for different time intervals from the Infinity API to a dashboa...The "old" API ( is able to handle not-fixed dates:"Several time period macros are available: CURRENT_HOUR, CURRENT_DAY, CURRENT_DAY_MIDNIGHT, CURRE...For example, to get data for last month, specify start_period=current_month-1."I connected this API to a dashboard tool and it works fine.The Infinity Api ( seems not to be able to handle those macros.I only find "begin=2017/08/01/00&end=latest", which is not dynamic enough.Is there a way to request relative dates in Infinity?
  • We have SharePoint 2013 with Analytics On Premises 9. The issue is the following. The same user c...For example, user Joe Gage has accessed our SP portal several times from different locations and ...What I've done so far:- Added to the page- Added JS script to the page to get user name using SharePoint Client Side Object ModelShould be anything added to SmartSource Data Collector Tag (js file) to process that data?Should be anything done on SP servers?Any help is appreciated.
  • Hey!I exported data from a report to Excel using HTML API REST and included the totals in the report.... How is that possible and is there a way to fix this? Thanks for the help!Kai 
  • We are testing WT mobile SDK for iOS and Android. Encounter internal 500 error when trying to pos... Please advise what could be the reason.
  • We are using Infinity to test WT mobile SDK for APP tracking. Just would like to know after APP b... I am located in China.
  • How we can optimize a website for high ranking