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  • In traffic sources I find a dimension called "pm". What does it mean?Other Dimensions are readable, like Organic Search or Referring Sites.Or is it something custom?Regards,Oliver
  • How can I get the sample code in Python for connecting to the REST API in Analytics 10?
  • My page url ends like this when in site search is used /search/search_results.php?lang=de⪰nario=1&q=search+phrase+test&x=0&y=0 I know we have to add WT.OSS in the code. But is that sufficient to get that data? Note: This is one of the most searched query for webtrends 10 Couldnt find anything in KB, SO please dont reply with KB links.
  • Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if someone knows if a migration from http to https (Because each page from the we...    Thanks in advance!
  • Hello there!We are trying to use REST API in Alteryx to connect to Webtrends and draw data. But we are strugg... RegardsJoe
  • Hi,I try to compare measures/values by day to the previous month.As there is no dynamic date range like in the WT10 API to query, I fetch "dateRange=previousmonth...But I don't understand the amount of apperance in the result set.If I sum all Sessions for a date period (like example code: SUM("Session", BETWEEN(2017-09-01, 20...There are many (thousands up to hundred thousand) Date entries in the result, but I can't get the...Can anyone help me getting the right values for a specific period?Thank you. Regards,Oliver
  • When I compile Webtrends with bitcode enabled I get an error /Libraries/Webtrends/Webtrends.framework/Webtrends(WTReachability.o)' does not contain bitcode. Y...  Does the newest version of Webtrends supports bitcode? If so, is there a migration guide to the newest version?
  • We have an old Webtrend version which we still use for our intranet. We are looking for expert support to help us develop the tool to its full potential.  Automtic ex...